is the National Ministry Leader / Legal Representative of Grace Communion International in Burundi,

  • He is married to his wife Donavine NTAHONDEREYE and they have five children: Fanny ICITEGETSE, Joyce ISHIMWE, Galen Blessing SIBOMANA, Christella IGIRANEZA and Chelsea MBARUSHIMANA,
  • Served in Pastoral Ministry for over 25 years and He is able to speak and preach in French, English, Swahili, Kinyarwanda and Kirundi.

He has a university degree in Enterprise Management, He has also a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Administration, He holds a Master of Public Administration and a Doctorate of Organizational Leadership.

  • Dr Eugène is a Professional Teacher of the courses of Economy, Administration, Management, Leadership and Development in various universities of Burundi and the region. 
  •  He is the Legal Representative of a Christian Forum Called « Association of Urban Ministries in Africa » composed by 11 denominations.
  • He is a Professional Consultant/ Managing Director of a Consulting firm called “CPCM” with more than ten years of experience in areas of:  Educational, Political, Transformational, Entrepreneurship, Religious and Organizational Leadership, of Projects Management, of Business Plan, of Peace Building and Conflict resolution etc.
  • Doctor Eugene has led Leadership Conferences in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and the DR Congo, 
  • He has led various seminars of Peace Building, reconciliation and National Restoration in Burundi.
  • Dr Eugene’s aim is Accountability, Integrity, Stewardship, commitment.
  • Dr Eugene’s ambition is Personal and Community development.
  • Doctor Eugène is an Accomplished Author of:
  • Administration and Leadership
  • Revival and National Restoration


He is the Deputy president of Grace Communion International in Burundi,

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and He represents the church in CIBITOKE Region.


He is the National Secretary of Grace Communion International in Burundi,

He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree both is social sciences from Burundi University,

He taught various courses of social sciences in different universities of Burundi, 

He is married to his wife Dorcelle NDAYIZEYE and they have two children Kelly Daniel HAKIZIMANA and Joy -Oribel ITANGITEKA,

He represents the Church in Bujumbura Region.

Pastor Gordien MUHIGIRWA

He is a Region Pastor of Grace Communion International of KIRUNDO

He is married with Ruth Loticie KABANYANA And have seven Children